This cute valentine composing activity for beginners will help your students have fun while they learn to compose their own melody.

Scroll down for this free Valentine composing activity.

Today’s Throwback Thursday features a really easy composing activity that has been on my site forever! A few years ago I remade it so this is the updated version. Here is the post with some directions on how to teach a beginning composing activity: 

Some years ago I posted a black and red version of this. As it happens with a lot of old material, I  forgot about it until it started showing up on Pinterest. It looked rather dated and I didn’t like it anymore.  I decided to do a makeover by adding more colors and flowers.

This is a fun Valentine’s “gift” for students to give to a special adult, especially if they can play it for them!


  • To compose a melody to a familiar Valentine rhyme.
  • To review finger numbers.


  • Preschool to about age 7.


  • The printable
  • Pencil
  • Piano keyboard


  • Students place their right hand on the keys with the thumb or index finger on middle C.
  • Starting on middle C, they make up a tune and write the correct finger numbers or letter names in the hearts.
  • The tune sounds better if it starts and ends on C.
  • Alternatively, students can use their left hand, the black keys, or use another position, such as G.
  • You will need to help younger students with the writing.

Why I Like This Activity

  • It helps students become more interested in composing

Click here to download the free Valentine composing activity.




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