Chele gave me permission to post her Christmas group lesson. When she sent it to me, it sounded like so much fun! I wish she had been my piano teacher. We never did anything like this back in the dark ages.

If you have never had a group lesson, or even if you have, it is a good idea to make a lesson plan. I always like to have a little more planned even if I don’t use it. This is especially true if you have a very young group. They go through things fast and something you thought would last 10 minutes is over in 3.  This goes for piano lesson with little ones, too 🙂 You can see in her group lesson that the students will have fun and learn something.

I might be posting this too late for your group lesson or party this year, but I think it is worth posting for us to get an idea of what other teachers do.  Maybe it will give you some ideas for a Valentine’s group lesson. I know it does me.

                   Chele’s group lesson plan:

Open a gift and play a song.  (living room) Each child takes a turn choosing and opening a gift.  Inside is the name of a song.  Whoever has that song will perform it for the group and then gets to choose the next gift.  Continue until everyone has had a turn.  Have them place their gifts in goodie bags with activity packets to go home at the end of the lesson.  (20 minutes) 

Boomwhackers.  (kitchen table)  Learn some Christmas songs on the boomwhackers, as a group.  (15 minutes) 

Alternating duets.  (living room) Use 2 pianos, with one child on each, both having the same music in front of them.  One plays the LH part, the other plays the RH part.  Then switch.  Maybe have the electric keyboard tuned to bells or something Christmassy-sounding.  (15 minutes) 

Steal the Ornament.  (family room, couches moved aside) Divide the group into 2 teams, facing each other.  Give matching flash cards to each team, so that there is a member of each team that has the same card.  Call out a card.  The two with that card race to get the ornament and go back to their place.  (10 minutes) 

Riddle game.  (family room) Divide the group into 2 teams.   Read a riddle and have each team take turns answering.  Their teammates can help them if needed.  If they can’t answer it, the other team gets to try.  Use Christmas candies as prizes.  Make sure everyone gets a turn.  (10 minutes) 

Musical Christmas Lights.  (kitchen table)  Divide into teams so kids can help each other.   Have kids take turns drawing out an ornament and naming it.  Their team gets to put a marker on their card.  If not everyone knows the term, describe it before naming it.  If new cards are made, we could also play like bingo, and try to get 3 of one color or blackout.  (10 minutes) 

Activity Pages.  Send packets of Christmas activity pages home in goodie bags with their gifts from the first activity.


1. Plan and purchase gifts and candy for use in games.  (bookmarks, candy canes, pencils, something else, small candies to use as bingo markers, other small candies to throw out in riddle game.)

2. Write names of students’ Christmas songs on slips of paper, prepare gifts, and place them under the tree.

3. Choose songs and prepare large song charts for boomwhackers.

4. Choose songs for each pair to play in “alternating duets.”

5. Get flash cards and ornaments ready for relay.

6. Prepare enough cards and game pieces for “musical Christmas lights.”

7. Copy and prepare activity packets.  Roll up and tie with ribbons and place in goodie bag with name on it, so they can add the items from their gift.


1. Set up electric piano in living room for “Alternating Duets,” and get music ready.

2. Set up boomwhackers and song charts at kitchen table.  Use music stand.

3. Get “Musical Christmas Lights” cards, game pieces, and candy markers ready, and put them on counter.

4. Have activity packets on kitchen counter, ready to go home with students.

5. Prepare family room for relay.  Push aside couch and air hockey table, put away train.  Get flash cards and ornaments for stealing set up.

6. Have riddle game pages and candies ready and set aside, also in family room.


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  • Cara

    Great ideas! I’ll definitely be using some of these. Thank you for sharing!


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