Goofy Piano Card Game

Goofy Piano Card Game

I realized today that I’ve never put this Goofy Piano Card Game on my blog. It’s been one of the most popular downloads on my website. For those of you who already have printed this out from my web site, this is a rerun. But here on my blog it’s a lot easier to group thing into categories to make it easier for teachers to  choose what they want.

I made this because one day I was thinking how I could get certain students to realize that it’s not enough to know that a note is “G”, but you have to know which G it is on the keyboard. Maybe that is a failure of my teaching because we play so many duets with the students moving up or down on the keyboard that they think any “G” will do. But at some point in their career they have to know the real deal, so I came up with this game. While it won’t help them find the notes on the keyboard, it will help them to quickly identify the same note in different octaves.

This game is for older students in middle school or high school. It is too challenging for younger students because their hands are too small to hold the cards while they try to remember the note names.


There are 23 cards, with 3 cards each having the same note but in different registers and one Goofy Piano card.

The teacher deals all the cards to the players. The players look at their cards and lay down all the cards that have 3 of the same note, such as bass G, middle G, and treble G.

The game proceeds with each student offering his hand to the student on the left. If the student draws a card that makes 3 of the same note, he places the cards on the table. The game continues until all the notes are matched up. The student who is left with the “Goofy Piano” loses. If you are familiar with the children’s card game “Old Maid,” this is similar.

I also use these cards to pull out the same notes in different octaves and let them play them on the piano.


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4 thoughts to “Goofy Piano Card Game

  • Michelle Johnson Cooper

    So how is the wild card used?

    • Susan Paradis

      It can be any card.

  • Libby

    This has become one of the FAVORITE and most requested games in my studio. Thanks so much!

    • susanparadis

      Thanks, Libby. It’s a fun way to review notes.


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